a few weeks down wow classic gold

a few weeks down wow classic gold

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I hope they will change stuff such as the Diremaul exploit if not at start at least a few weeks down wow classic gold the line when they see that it turns into a problem. I'm all for authenticity and all, but when that inflates the economy to the point that only men and women using this exploit can realistically manage shit on the AH, which only ruins WoW Classic.There were a lot of various ways to farm solo or with a buddy in DM back in Vanilla. We were trying to figure out them all the time. Granted, it might not have been known, it had been performed in Vanilla. Messing with pathing, bouncing trash forth and back, kiting and that. We do it double mage/hunter, mages. I believe Blizz fixed a number of the things we were doing back in Vanilla. It's been a long time and my memory is fuzzy, but is that if we understood how to do a bunch of farming things that are different in DM, many others also knew how to do it.

The largest mechanic you're missing here is how caster minions operate in Personal Servers versus Vanilla/Classic. On servers, they will cast 1 iteration of a charm and start auto-attacking, even occasionally choosing auto attacking. Individuals coming in from servers expecting to breeze through raids because they'd clinic are gonna have a rude awakening. Also, a reason why I'll be playing. If Classic was the same as servers that are personal it wouldn't be a challenge and I'd get bored.

It is not about knowing everything. It's about knowing general game/boss mechanics. I would be willing to bet that MC is eliminated within the first week of sufficient players hitting at 60. It was. I am saying that for players like me, who played with vanilla but were never good enough at WoW Classic to do much of anything it's actually going to suck. Individuals and more specifically gamers by character are elitist. You could have the ability to locate a few people willing to help noobs but lets be real. Classic, though not released is going to buy wow gold northdale be a replica of an old game and lots of half raiding guilds will anticipate that everyone knows whats happening. It thins the swimming pool for those people that do not.
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