Mare in mourning, what to do after loss of foal, advice nee

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Mare in mourning, what to do after loss of foal, advice nee

Message par Charles » 18 Juin 2018, 06:33


I have also posted this in NL/Breeding (whatever forum you are in) Last night I was offered a mare, as part ex for one of my tb's. She is 8 year old tb x with good breeding (cant remember what!!!). She was homebred by previous owner who jumped her and did a bit of eventing. My friend bought her from a dealer four weeks ago. The mare had been out jumping foxhunters and winning classes. She comes with full five stage vetting certificate. The problem is this.... my friend turned the mare out in close proximity to her two yearlings. This has sent the mare very depressed - she is just not a happy mare at the moment. She is pacing about the field and very stressed. When she was bought into ride she would hunch her back and threaten to buck. My friend called the dealer, and it was only then she was told that the mare's foal died after being born in the field and suffocating. So the mare, I think, is in some sort of mourning. I am keen to get the mare as she is a nice sort who jumps etc. She is well put together and a nice person - good to shoe/load/box/handle, good to ride, been out winning classes. She is just not happy. I have enough turn out to give her 6 months off to recover and for her hormones to get back to normal. My thoughts are, get her, winter her out with my retired mare and 3 year old tb in the back field (does me a favour as I have really been struggling to ride two four year olds as it is and its only going to get worse) and bring her back into work in the spring ready for summer. However, part of me thinks that perhaps the only way for her to get over the loss of the foal is to put her back into foal and let her 'get it out of her system'. This is possible, but not ideal What do you think? I have to make some sort of decision this morning as the girl really wants to get going on my tb. The situation does us both a favour - but I want to know the best way of going about things.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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