Looking for work with a mental illness

Looking for work with a mental illness

Message par blaise84 » 02 Mai 2019, 17:30

This has to be the hardest thing I have ever done - looking for a new job. So i already have a part time job, and i do understand that some of you on here have no jobs. So I probably shouldn't complain.

But it is so hard to look for work. I am looking daily sometimes twice or three times a day.

And because there is nothing I am getting more and more anxious and depressed. I feel that my life will never get better, that i will never be able to work more hours. And the thing is I don't even know if i want to work more hours.

Because we are financially stressed I feel that i am to blame. i feel that if i didn't have a mental illness i would be able to work more hours and support the home and family better. I wouldn't have to hospitalised so many times a year because i have "breakdowns and cannot cope".

I'm just finding that it so damn tough out there in the workforce. I have even tried a different industry but nothing.

And then I think to myself - if people with no mental illness can't find work how the hell am i meant to.

Feeling emotional, frustrated, depressed and lost with my life Smiley Sad Smiley Sad


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