Caregiver to IPF sufferer.

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Caregiver to IPF sufferer.

Message par AlexAmery » 05 Juin 2018, 03:05


Could a caregiver to one who has suffered from IPF please enlighten me on how the last six months of his/her life were. I ask this because I suffer from IPF and feel that my condition is deteriorating. I am getting short of breath from merely getting up out of my chair and going down the passage to the bathroom. Does there come a time when all muscle control is lost? Does there come a time when one can't get out of bed any more, and at what stage did it happen to your patient? How long did your patient live when having to stay put, because he/she couldn't move without a panting attack? Please don't be affraid to be explicit, as I am not affraid of dying, but merely wish to know if I will be able to maintain my dignity throughout the process, Any other relavent information would be appreciated. A Doctor, unfortunately cannot, or will not give these details, because he's never had to go through the process.

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