Could you stop The Hulk with anti-manic drugs like lithium

Could you stop The Hulk with anti-manic drugs like lithium

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Unfortunately the only half decent thing I could find on TV while at the gym the other day was the 2003 Ang Lee take on The Hulk (just called Hulk). Canon or not, it centers heavily on the idea that Bruce Banner's transformation into the big green guy centers heavily on emotional trauma (surrounding his mother and father) as a core stimulus. The gamma radiation exposure is almost more of a catalyst to release the trauma (along with 'nanomeds' and some DNA fiddling on the part of his father).
Much of the film and the sort-of follow up in 2008 revolve around his struggle to control his rage which induces his transformation. As I watched him lose control for about the 27th time because someone said something mean to him (he's really angsty; it's an Ang Lee film, you know?), I wondered to myself, couldn't he just hit up one of the psych department people and get a prescription for some happy pills to smooth out his emotional bumps?
Or would the Green Guy power through somehow?
Could you use some kind of fast acting lithium injector gun to take him down after the rampage starts?
Could Superman sing him super-soothing songs to calm him down (you just know he has Super vocal cords)? Maybe if he were wearing a Betty Ross wig?

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you
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