question about galantimine and like drugs

question about galantimine and like drugs

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hubby is on 24 mlg of galantamine... the doc reiterated again this time, this is not curing him.. its only a facade.. he is continuing the process of lewy body...but hopefully this will help him with his cognitive ability.... i understood. however today i have a few questions and i hope they are not too dumb... :oops:
as the condition continues, will the galantamine just stop helping as much ? do folks stay on it forever..???. if this is keeping them cognitive.. but the disease is still advancing, does the disease just over ride the good, that the galantamine is doing ???.. how do you then know what stage, you could possibly be in, while taking this ??
the doc ran some tests this time and i thought he was having a fairly good day, cognitively.. but he answered only one question, right.. is that test a good judge or is it skewed by the glantamine also??
again sorry, this is probably an silly question.... i just have never seen it discussed or i missed it??
thank you...
also i wrote a while back, concerned about day care and how to get him to agree..
well after the test, va approved him for three days a week... i had already looked at places and so we went out on a small interview/ visit last week. we were going under the presumption of needing physical therapy and also some social stimulation, as the docs had suggested... it didnt work..!!!! he was furious.. i tried everything, including i need some time and it would help me.. .. he is still angry today and it been 4 days.. i called the day care yesterday and asked for ideas and have not heard back, yet...
so this is a double sided question.

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you
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