Mythic + Dungeons have different levels of difficulty

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Mythic + Dungeons have different levels of difficulty

Message par Mmoak2018 » 04 Juil 2019, 23:27

What happened is a bit complicated, but Commander Redditor provides a good overview of the WoW Classic Items subdirectory. The bottom line is that the players who performed some of the top-level activities in the last week of the Legion, the previous expansion that ended with the launch of the Battle of Azeroth on August 13, have merged today. receive another series of awards, as if they ended. the same level of stimulating activity, but in the battle of Azeroth.

The popular source of this superpowered material was the weekly Mythic + safe, which players can find at their premises. Mythic + Dungeons have different levels of difficulty and offer powerful equipment every week, which depends on the most difficult Mythic + dungeon you've completed. For example, the Mythic + 2 dungeon is quite easy to perform, but also rewards relatively weak equipment. In contrast, the Mythic + 10 underground rewards much more powerful equipment.

Now that the Battle for Azeroth Mythic + dungeon is available next Tuesday, players will be able to open their treasure chest and get a whole new loot. This error gave the players who created the Mythic + dungeons in the last week of the Legion today.

The problem is that if you completed the dungeon Legion Mythic + 10 before starting the battle for Azeroth, the mistake can get powerful equipment, as if you finished the battle of Mythic + 10 Battle of Azeroth. he got incredibly powerful equipment without having to do anything to win it. In Reddit, players have made screenshots of some of the devices they have received, which is usually in the range of 385 to 400. A large jump from object level 340 to 355 is currently the majority of hardcore players.

The players are obviously angry. Those who have not logged in this morning (or who have not completed the Legion's required actions in August to trigger this mistake) are left behind Buy Gold in WoW Classic, while others are now shaking the armor and weapons of the gods. This error seriously undermines the whole time players invest to get the best loot since the battle of Azeroth began.
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