PHP Training in Coimbatore

PHP Training in Coimbatore

Message par Monisha G » 08 Mai 2019, 03:39

PHP Stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP is an HTML-embedded Web scripting language. PHP executes on the server, while a comparable alternative, JavaScript, executes on the client. PHP is an alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology. As with ASP, the PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML. Before the page is sent to a user that has requested it, the Web server calls PHP to interpret and perform the operations called for in the PHP script. FITA provides the best PHP Training in Coimbatore . The trainers from FITA are Well- Experienced in PHP Course in Coimbatore . FITA also offers Placement Assistance for the Candidates.
Monisha G
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